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Within oil markets the volatile oil price environment after OPEC agreements in the 1970s requires a risk quantification.” Value-at-risk” has become an essential tool for this end when quantifying market risk.There are various methods for calculating value-at-risk.(Some titles may also be available free of charge in our Open Access Theses and Dissertations Series, so please check there first.) Access to abstracts is unrestricted.Abbas, Kausar (2016) Effects of concussive and repetitive subconcussive injury in high school football athletes using resting state FMRI Abbott, Chelsi Patricia (2016) The effect of adjuvants on apple disease management Abdelhameed, Ameer Ahmed (2016) Evaluation of negative energy and mineral balance in periparturient Holstein-Friesian cattle Abdel-moneim Mohamed, Ahmed M.

The results show that among various approaches the HSAF methodology presents more efficient results, so that if the level of confidence is 99%, the value-at-risk calculated through HSAF methodology is greater than actual price changes in almost 97.6 percent of the forecasting period.Campbell, Kaley S (2016) The Meaningfulness of Internships: A Sensemaking Approach Cannon, Julie (2016) Using Construal Level Theory to Promote HPV Vaccine Uptake Among College Males Cano Vega, Mario Alberto (2016) Design, Optimization, and Characterization of Novel Polymer-based Formulations for Controlled Release of Drugs Cao, Lei (2016) Dislocations in the nanoscale: A phase-field view Cao, Muning (2016) A study of how Chinese ink painting features can be applied to 3D scenes and models in real-time rendering Cao, Yudong (2016) Combinatorial algorithms for perturbation theory and application on quantum computing Capdevila, Lucia R (2016) A transfer network linking Eearth, Moon, and the triangular libration point regions in the Earth-Moon system Carichino, Lucia (2016) Multiscale mathematical modeling of ocular blood flow and oxygenation and their relevance to glaucoma Carnes, Mark T (2016) Conceptual understanding of threshold concepts of electrical phenomena: Mental models of senior undergraduates in electrical engineering Carranza Ko, Nusta Pitushca (2016) Post-transition human rights performance in Peru, Uruguay, and South Korea Carriere, Danielle E (2016) Resilience, suicide, and enrollment in higher education: Three essays on impacts of recession Carter, Carlos D (2016) Antibacterial activity of essential oil encapsulated sodium iota-carrageenan fibers Cassani, Simone (2016) Blood circulation and aqueous humor flow in the eye: Multi-scale modeling and clinical applications Casteloes, Karen S (2016) Techniques and technologies for decontaminating chemically contaminated premise plumbing infrastructure Castillo, Marcelo J (2016) Essays in international migration Castro Gorfti, Jesus (2016) Teoria de la mente y sociedad en la narrativa policiaca de Lorenzo Silva y Francisco Garcia Pavon: Estereotipos, roles de genero y minorias Castro Valladares, Livingston David (2016) Conceptual Design and Prototyping of a Bi-Stable Magnetic Actuator Cavett, Lee A (2016) Using security risk analysis: Is the bring your own device policy becoming a liability risk within healthcare?In the Treasury market, the most recently issued, or so-called “on-the-run,” security typically trades at a price above those of more seasoned but otherwise comparable securities.Kangas, 1994 [14] Dependency Analysis and Neural Network Modeling of Currency Exchange Rates, I. Prokhorov, 1998 [19] Forecasting Financial Markets using Neural Networks: an Analysis of Methods and Accuracy, J.Kutsurelis, 1998 [20] On Developing a Financial Prediction System: Pitfalls and Possibilities , Stefan Zemke [21] A Case Study on Using Neural Networks to Perform Technical Forecasting on FOREX, J. Tan, 1999 [22] A Comparative Study on Feedforward and Recurrent Neural Networks in Time Series Prediction using Gradient Descent Learning, M. Dorffner, 1997 [23] An Explicit Feature Selection Strategy for Predictive Models of the S&P 500 Index, T.

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