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The site's small team has been overwhelmed by the images under pornography hahstags - a term that collects lewd images in one search - that give users of the site easy access to photos featuring genetalia, women posing provocatively in bed, with their partners or masturbating on camera.

And while explicit images are banned by Instagram’s terms of service - which prohibit nude, partially nude or sexually suggestive photos - the team of just 15 full-time employees moderating the site are seemingly unable to police the five million photos uploaded every day.

'The unimpressed object of his affections replied: 'I really don't need to know' as the man insisted: 'I want more photos.'One spurned Casanova chose to offer some 'constructive criticism' after being rejected. Btw just my .02 you should totally make pic 4 ur 1st pic.'I feel like those sunglasses make you looked reaaaaally bad.'As the woman responded: 'Wait what.'To which the man wrote: 'Oh I was giving you some constructive criticism, which you can take however you want lol.'Explaining his logic, he tried to reason: 'I think it's kinda like a friend telling you that you have a booger hanging out of your nose...

Beginning today, Instagram Stories' new Live tool is rolling out to everyone in the U. To try it out for yourself, just toggle from "Normal" camera mode to "Live" within Stories. today, Instagram will be hosting its own special live celebration.. The app is following Facebook's lead and launching live video within Instagram Stories.

Terri Senft, a professor specialising in global media at New York University’s Department of Liberal Studies, said: ‘Instagram has moved from a niche thing to something people have heard about, and that means it has a critical mass.

There are also thousands of comments on the pornographic images from fellow users urging one another to add more and more raunchy photos or inviting them on to other social networking sites to message privately.

The account Online Dating Sucks has accrued 18,000 followers thanks to its collection of cringe-inducing snippets of conversation.Why is it bad luck to wear opals if you weren't born in October? 10 Surprising Things People Lose on Roller Coasters 10 Possible Future Disasters How Curling Works Is it possible to run a marathon backward?“Slap yourself in the balls, loser,” Akara Fang commands to a voice on speakerphone.Will Instagram be the new place to discover viral videos like Chewbacca Mom? However, unlike on Facebook, live videos on Instagram Stories will disappear when you finish recording, so this seems slightly less likely.Instagram is also upgrading its direct messaging platform.

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