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I have to give it few days and see how I feel about it. I don't know what was wrong with my nose that couldn't pick up thissmuch sweetness!Right now, I am not in love due to low sweetness factor UPDATE: I finally smelled the sweet notes and thought it was great-spicier, mildly sweet, floral oriental, which was almost incensy. It still opens with as honeysuckle kicks in,it becomes less juicy and less I adore honey suckle and it's very faint here but little better than nothing.drydown is heavenly with a hint of musk and woods and a dominant boozy vanilla and LOTS of sugar I love sweet scents and there's almost nothing sweet enough for me,well this is! I can't blaim vanilla for all the sweetness, I'm sure there is an unlisted sugar nore helping boozy vanilla.My transition from California (US) to Frankfurt (Germany) was significantly harder than anticipated, but the learning curve is fast.So for those of you who plan to study overseas, here are five challenges of studying abroad to be prepared for when applying, transitioning to, and living in a new country.I asked what we were going to do about this, and was told that suppressives can be very devious.

A week before, his friend Peter Shantz, who was Ethics Officer at Saint Hill had called me in and said he was concerned that our mutual friend might be declared. A week later, he called me back in to tell me the deed had been done.I think I actually owned a bottle and ended up giving it away. I'll wear it around the house and to freshen up the bedding.I decided to revisit this since it was 14.99 in TJ Maxx. I mean, there is only "hint" of sweetness, its has more spicier oriental feel. Guess is not exactly a company that makes you think "elegant" but that's what this fragrance is. I bought this because SA claimed that it's a sweet vanilla scent and a 3.4 oz bottle was only 20 bucks First time I tried it, I was really disappointed, I had not checked it's notes that time,but I could say there is definitely cardamom and a citrus note in wasn't warm and me it was an almost fresh spicy citrus ina faint musky vanilla base But I didn't give up and decided to wear it for a grew on me amazingly.(Author's Note: You may also enjoy installments II and III of the Overused Phrased Dumb People Say trilogy) 1. Such banality actually hurts your case, not enhances it. "I don't give a rat's ass" You don't give a rat's ass about what? Did you think this whole conversation was a big lead up to my asking, "Do you have any rodent sphincters I can have? If you met someone who said, "In 18 years you'll drive a yellow sedan that was manufactured in New Mexico." You would excuse yourself from the conversation. So can I believe anything they say that doesn't end with, 'it does. So if something is one of a kind, it cannot have degrees of one-of-a-kindness- it can't be VERY one of a kind, a little one of a kind, or pretty much one of a kindish. The latent irony is the passionate speaker clearly took a stand and made a statement, whereas the replier of "How do you really feel?"It is what it is" Here is what you just said: It is = It is. Did someone say, "Hey, it is not what it is.", or, "It is what it is not."? Substitute with: "Unique", "Original" or "One of a kind". " followed your originality and passion with a banal phrase that is linguistically worthless.

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