Intimidating threats

It is a criminal offence for anyone to try to force you to do something or prevent you from doing something by...The maximum penalty for threatening death or bodily harm is five years imprisonment. While these types of behaviour are frequently associated with family violence, an offender can be anyone: a current or former partner, a co-worker, casual acquaintance or total stranger.Such behaviour can be directed towards an individual, their family, their friends or co‑workers, and may involve other criminal acts such as break and enter, assault or unlawful confinement.The maximum penalty for uttering threats to damage property or kill or injure animals is two years.It is a criminal offence to make an indecent telephone call, or to repeatedly call someone to harass them.It is a criminal offence for anyone to make you reasonably fear for your safety or the safety of someone you know by... The offender does not need to have intended to harm you.If their behaviour would cause a reasonable person to fear for their safety, it is criminal harassment.

A spouse who constantly interrupts you with a better idea or a reason your idea won't work is attempting to intimidate and teach you that your opinion is of no value in their eyes. Civil communication is a foreign concept to the intimidator.

Calling a spouse stupid, an idiot or things worse sends a clear message that they are thought little of. The intimidator can be a sweet talker when it comes to getting something he/she wants.

Using negative names to label a spouse makes the intimidator feels superior and the victim inferior. Beware, though, if you don’t agree he/she will lower the boom.

And don't even think of running away, cuz' if you do, I will hunt you down and kill you. Aunt Sponge: Having his head in the clouds instead of looking where he was going. Aunt Sponge (destroys his travel book): Now get these stupid dreams out of your head!

Aunt Spiker: And the beast will get you too, If you don't behave.

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