Invalidating a session in javascript

In old versions of Unix the authentication code was not modular and was imbedded in and all the other programs that perform authentication.

If you wanted to make any change to the database in which passwords were stored, or change the ground rules for how authentication was done, you had to modify and rebuild all those programs.

I already tried with window.onunload() but it is not working in my case.

If it does not redirect to login page (if u have the authentication setup) then your session in validation would not have happened.

Is there a way to call my logout servlet and close the browser tab subsequently on click of logout without asking for user confirmation.

When I logout from my application at that time I am able do the clean activity as well as session.invalidate().

Instead, each HTTP client request acts like it logs in, does one thing, then logs out.

This request/response cycle repeats until the client stops sending requests.

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PAM (the Pluggable Authentication Module) is a unified authentication scheme introduced by Sun in Solaris (released as an undocumented feature in Solaris 2.3 ) and later re-implemented in other commercial Unixes and most open source OSes (BSD variants, Linux, etc).

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