Is kenny chesney dating hayden panettiere

I did a little digging because I hadn't heard anything about this and my curiosity was unleashed.

What I found was that there was a website that had a fake story (they openly admit that their stories are fake) about Kenny's girlfriend being pregnant.

“But personally…it hasn’t always turned out the way I wanted it, and I haven’t always been the person I wanted to be.

I knew I needed to make some changes.” The spirit of those changes is evident on his latest album, Life on a Rock, which includes a tribute to Kristi called “Happy on the Hey Now.” That kind of openness doesn’t come easily to the singer, “but I’m getting better at it,” he says.

Not just that, but the report also claims that Faith has been turning to comfort from an unlikely source: Kenny Chesney.

Also a country singer, Kenny Chesney seems like he would be just Faith’s type, and it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that the whispers of a possible hookup between them turn out to be true.

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It was the sudden death of long-time friend Kristi Hansen last year that made Kenny Chesney, 45, take stock of his life.Now, most of the cheating rumors surrounding Tim seem to be centered around his relationship with Taylor Swift, which is a little hard to believe.That being said, does anyone doubt that Tim is not exactly the most faithful husband in the world? What do you guys think about the rumored relationship troubles between Faith and Tim, and why do you think he took off his wedding ring?After Tim was spotted without his wedding ring, the rumor mill sped into overdrive about how Tim and Faith were on the precipice of a divorce.However, the report from the Enquirer alleges that Faith has threatened Tim with a massive divorce if he doesn’t put his wedding ring back on.

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