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Jessica’s always been a free spirit who doesn’t like to put labels on people.

She says she loves whoever she loves, and Sarah makes her really happy.” Well, then there you go!

I don’t want to know.” But the Game of Thrones connections don’t end there.

Paulson is good friends with Pedro Pascal, who plays the Prince of Dorne, Oberyn Martell in season four of the show.

He was such an evil little s**t and he was a terrifying, terrifying creature. He just looks at you, and you want to take your clothes off.

So I was very, very pleased to see that snot and blood running out of his nose. Let me just say this — once he kissed me on the mouth to say hello, and I almost fainted. I could smell what he had for breakfast in the morning, you know what I mean?

The pair have known each other since they were 19 and often share silly photos together on Instagram and Twitter. Paulson enthuses about Game of Thrones, and she has some strong feelings (and colourful language) about the Purple Wedding, which saw the death of the most reviled character on the show.

“I knew he [Pascal] was auditioning and I had to see his audition tape and I was like ‘you s**t! “Boy, do I love the actor who plays Joffrey but boy am I glad that mother**ker’s dead. Meanwhile, Sarah has the best quote on Michael Fassbender, whom she met and worked with on “Michael Fassbender is a man.

Sticking it to the "man" by not shaving their pits and wearing vagina sashes.For her work throughout the series, she has been nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards (2013–16) and won two Critics' Choice Television Awards for Best Supporting Actress in a Movie/Miniseries (20). According to Time magazine, she is one of the 100 most influential people of the year 2017. Some claim Sarah is a lesbian, and she has dated women in the past (Cherry Jones, notably), but Sarah self-identifies as bisexual. Sarah and Pedro have been each other’s dates for various events over the years, but in a recent interview with The Independent, she explained their relationship (and apparently she’s a Yet, like any fan, she tries to avoid spoilers as much as possible.The dullard femmes always had that glazed over look in their eyes, like they were excited because this would sooo upset daddy. Ten years later, 95% of those faux dykes were married to men. I forgot to write that i'm absolutely smitten by her and i can get why many people think that she is special and hot.She reminds me of Catherine Deneuve when Catherine was at her sexiest period of her life. She is also classy, but fortunately she is more resilient than classy.

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