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One of the indirect evidences that evolutionists universally appeal to is radioactive dating because it appears to supply the deep time their evolutionary models demand.

But how accurate is their model, and how scientific is their approach? An isochron is a line on an isotope ratio diagram denoting rock samples.

[1] Isochron dating began when scientists recognized difficulties with the assumptions of radiometric dating, especially how much of the daughter products might have been present when the mineral first formed.

Isochron dating has been developed in an attempt to solve such problems.

The Bible is quite clear about the origin and timeframe for the creation of Earth and the cosmos.

If Scripture is inaccurate in this, then how can it be trusted in anything else?

Both the decaying isotope and the isotope it produces (its daughter) can be compared to an isotope of the daughter’s elemental family that does not decay.

This amount is often unknown and is one of the downfalls of conventional radiometric dating.

The slope of the line is related to the age of the samples.

The simplest way to think of it is this: Some rock materials (isotopes) decay, and we can determine the age of a rock in today’s laboratories by determining how much of a specific isotope contained in the rock has decayed.

According to theory, the sample starts out with daughter isotopes present at constant ratios in relation to one another, but with the parent isotope the ratio is arbitrary.

As a result it can be displayed in the form of a straight horizontal line on a graph.

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