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Then, coming from an Army family – she was the last child born in the barracks at Fort George – she enrolled in the Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps (QAs) at the Cambridge Hospital at Aldershot, qualifying additionally as a Registered Mental Nurse and served as sister tutor (psychiatry) at Woolwich Military Hospital.

Captain Macdonald, on leaving the QAs, had reservations about working for a "union" but as an official of the Royal College of Nursing proved a dynamic union leader.

She revitalised the Student Nurses Section, putting student delegates into T-shirts to stress their presence at RCN congresses, for instance, and being an advocate for students.

Mc Donald toured many clubs in northern England, with her father acting as her roadie.

I love the islands – Mull, Tobermory – as the beaches are unbelievable.

In a letter urging Independent readers to support the Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill Jane Macdonald wrote in 2006: "This isn't about doctors or God: it is about patients...

She provided all of her own equipment, which she had to replace after it was destroyed in a large bar-fight.

Mc Donald's first position on a cruise ship was on the Black Prince, and following that, the Horizon.

She trained at the St Thomas's Hospital, where she became casualty sister.I would like the opportunity to choose the time and place of my death if life becomes unbearable."After living with the constantly present fear of the form of her dying, Jane Macdonald quietly fell to Sir William Osler's "captain of the men of death" – pneumonia – in St John's Hospice, London."If life deals you a lemon, make lemonade" was the philosophy of this vivacious nursing leader, who was always a campaigner, when she was sick as well as when she was well, always ahead of her time.When I was a child, every year for 18 years I went on a caravan holiday to Bridlington in Yorkshire with my mum and dad. JANE Mc Donald found fame as a singer on 1998 BBC docusoap The Cruise Everyone is so chilled and the beaches are stunning. I was cold, soaked to the skin and there was nowhere to get a decent shower. I must have known I was a diva even at that early age. We had an amazing meal at Rick Stein’s, so we bought the cookbook. Holidays are reflection time and I always take Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, by Lynn Grabhorn.I love Bridlington but when I got a job I said to my parents “Let’s venture out a bit, we can afford a hotel now” so we went to Jersey. It tells how to transform negative emotions into positive ones and I keep picking it up and flicking through.

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