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In the spring of 2007 the Jamiroquai front man, Jay Kay, was travelling in a black cab down Whitehall in central London when a glance through the windscreen changed his life for ever.

Only in this case, the lord of the manor is a platinum-selling, multimillionaire pop star and his steed is a bright green, all-terrain John Deere buggy called a Gator.A heavy mist rolls through the woods, across the fields, over the meadow and onto the lake.The caws of crows and barks of dogs are the only sounds disrupting the eerie peace.The singer, full name Jason Kay, said he felt "genuine fear for his safety" after the female stalker repeatedly declared her love for him on his doorstep.Australian-born Ilona Angel, 51, even set up camp in the vast grounds of the pop star's luxurious property for two weeks without his knowledge.

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