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The Philippine president has ordered the military to assert his country's ownership of a vast offshore region off its northeastern coast where Chinese survey ships have been sighted last year and alarmed defense officials.

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"Maya-maya makasagasa ka pa ng pating diyan," Duterte said in a televised press briefing upon arriving from Thailand early Thursday. ' 'Oo.' 'Sige, kukuha ng helicopter dalhin ka namin doon, magdala ka ng flag doon o bayang magiliw tayong lahat,'" Duterte said.

The president said that Chinese officials personally offered to take him to the islands so he can plant the Philippine flag. Sabi niya ang magtanong isang general, 'Mag-jet ski ka? Duterte made the jet ski quip during the third presidential debate in Dagupan City on Apr. RELATED: 6 takeaways from the Luzon presidential debate The five presidential candidates were asked about their positions in the West Philippine Sea dispute with China. I will ask the Navy to bring me to the nearest boundary d'yan sa Spratly, Scarborough.

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