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This tract reached over an extent of country 120 miles in length with an average breadth of 40 miles, about equaling in area the state of Connecticut.The Black Swamp was slowly and thinly settled and by 1890 it only had a population of about 50,000; but now, in less than a century, it has been cleared and drained and is now called the "Garden Spot" of Ohio and supports half a million people. Wife, Mary, household furniture to the value of 10. Sons, Matthew, Abisha and Jabesh and my 3 daughters, Experience Mc Harfy, Johanna Bud and Hopefull Hercules, remainder of estate to be equally divided between them. Witnesses Stephen Dod, Stephen Thompson, Daniel Thompson. Inventory, 4.43; made by Abraham Howell and Daniel Thompson.1798, Feb. ex: $("table").float Thead();');h=Reflow&&h;var D=C.find("thead:first"), E=C.find("tbody:first");if(0==D.length)throw new Error("j Query.float Thead must be run on a table that contains a element");var F, G, H=! g))throw new Error("jquery.float requires underscore. You should use the non-lite version since you do not have underscore.");if(8i)return this;m&&(document.create Element("fthtr"),document.create Element("fthtd"),document.create Element("fthfoot"));var o=null;if(Function(l)&&(l=l()),String(j))var r=a.extend(,a.float Thead.defaults

A greater part of the county was covered by the famous Black Swamp. Check queries that are posted to see if any surnames fit in with surnames you are researching. To reply to a query, click on that person's email address to contact them directly. Is there a list of the residents of Warren County around 1820? Also I understand that I can get vital records from Trenton starting in year 1848. Hannan - Is there a way to research wills on the internet? Thompson was a member of those 2 organizations which were mentioned in his obituary. My dad is interested in getting a copy of a birth certificate from 1828. I'm trying to access a book of wills for Warren County, NJ 1689-1890. Joanna Taft Contact Joanna Taft Names and probable years of migration for New Jersey families moving to Allegheny County, Penna, near Monongahela River, known as the "New Jersey settlement" (History of Allegheny County, Penna. 1766-Thomas, William, Samuel and Benjamin Applegate, James and Walter Wall (descended from Walter Wall,came from England in 1635) 1768-Donald Munro, Hugh Davidson, James Halleday, James Terry, Richard Parker, John Reed, Samuel Devore, Abraham Miller, William Mc Clure, Philip Rodgers, Robert Smith, Cornelius Thompson, Adam Mc Connell, James Wilson 1769-William Neiley, Alexander Dunlap, Andrew Pearce (also Peairs), Joseph Warne, James Pearse 1770-David Williams, Moses Devore 1772-Azariah Davis, Henry Liming, Joseph Liming 1773-Robert Craighead 1774-Daniel Thompson, Joseph Beckett, Esq. We are interested in the will of Lawrence Lomerson. 1777-Matthew Mc Kinney, Richard Sparks, John Imbly 1778-Alexander Craig 1779-Zacharias Wilson Contact [email protected] for information about the following: the Starlight Lodge, K.

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