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We don't want to count our awesome celebrity-athlete power couples before they hatch, but these rumors are sounding more and more substantive as the days go on. The NY Daily News now reports that the two were out together in Miami over the weekend — two nights after Smith was arrested on a bench warrant for driving without a license.The couple welcomed a second daughter, Dakota “Kota Bear,” in January 2017 just 21 or 22 weeks into the pregnancy.

Smith, you might say, lives on another planet—and he can hit a jumper from there, no problem. Man, I thought to myself as we watched the deer, what a strange expatriation you must be living through, J. Since you were living in that dope rental apartment in Manhattan—“There was dating Rihanna. One of those stories you think is hilarious until you try it out at a rehearsal dinner) and her husband, the affable Rob. He was drafted that year in the first round as the 18th overall pick straight out of high school. Smith won the 2016 NBA Championships as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Smith and his wife, Shirley, spread a little Mother's Day cheer at the Cleveland hospital where their preemie daughter is being treated ... Either Rihanna was a pregame good luck charm, or Smith chose to celebrate the win with her. That’s the thrill for me.” We have no idea if the two are really dating or if they just got cozy together for one night, but we are guessing that whatever happened, Rihanna likely was paying.The magazine also suggests Smith, who has sparked controversies in the past, has the type of edgy personality Rihanna likes.

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