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After serving a two-year mandatory military service, Eun-shik is transferred to the National University, where he plans to major in Law.He stays with 3 other roommates; most of them are typical college freshmen who are equally perverted.A striking 75% of those in prostitution are previous victims of sexual abuse.There are indigenous women trafficked, coming from the following ethnic groups: B’laan, T’Boli, Kaulo, while the Moslems are Maranao, Mandaya, Badjao, Sama, Manobo and Lumad.But local authorities did not stop the activists from putting it back after Japan's Defence Minister Tomomi Inada offered prayers at a controversial war shrine in Tokyo last week.READ MORE: China, S Korea decry Tomomi Inada's Yasukuni visit The term "comfort women" is a euphemism for girls and women, from South Korea, China, the Philippines and elsewhere, forced to work in wartime Japanese military brothels."Even if there are difficult issues, the governments of both countries must continually develop South Korea-Japan relations based on a relationship of trust," the South Korean Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

) is a 2002 South Korean film written and directed by Yoon Je-kyoon, starring Im Chang-jung and Ha Ji-won.

But still more are brought to prostitution in the pretext of employment or marriage to Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong and Cyprus.

Trafficking to Japan and Korea took on a different character since requirements for entertainers to leave have been made stricter.

The resulting tapes were then sold, including to porn site operators in the United States, the United Kingdom, and in Europe, one villager told the The descriptions of videos that have in recent days filtered out from Hussain Khan Wala paint a horrifying picture of violence and extortion, with children forced at gunpoint to participate in sex acts.

One 18-year-old man, who “I was going to school one day when these boys picked me up and beat me up badly.

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Then they drugged me, and when I woke up, they showed me these videos they had made of me,” said the man, who was not identified by name.

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