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If you're falling for a girl in her late 20s, here are a few things you should know.1. But there's a quota on how many times you can love like that before you start to guard your heart, and by her late 20's she's likely hit that mark. These are questions she'll ask pretty early on because she knows what kind of contraception works best for her, and she'll want to get right to it.You'll be dating a grown ass woman who won't keep you guessing, but will still manage to surprise you the more you fall for her.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!

Unless you can get him shipped directly to your house off Amazon Prime, it's not happening.2. Guys in their early twenties start seeming like teenagers to you. No more one-sided or faked orgasms—after all, you're not 22 anymore.9. Unless he proves otherwise, you know better than to waste your time.13. That phase where you only liked guys who treated you like shit? Asking a guy to be a date to your friend's weekend wedding becomes the new passive-aggressive litmus test of his commitment level."You don't HAVE to go, it's not a big deal, it just might be fun."16. It is what it is, but I don't give them the time of day when they try to add me on Facebook. Too old to date 18-19 and not accomplished enough to date upperclasswomen. You meet cute “potentials” in bars, spread your number like a common-cold, and frequently revel in the admiration of your many adoring suitors. and you’re being secretive about your “profession”? Early 20’s: Time it takes to get ready: 2 hours 52 minutes. I can always ghost if he’s lame, cause it’s Friday and there are a million things going on. Late 20’s: Maxed out your 401k/RRSP and you’re a homeowner? Early 20’s: Who needs great conversation when martinis are on special? If you’re still boring by the time I finish my first drink, I’m out.

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