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Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga addressed a joint meeting of Congress in the House chamber.

In her remarks she talked about relations between the U. and Latvia, democratic institutions and Latvian development since independence from the Soviet Union, and the future of European cooperation.

Latvia with its prime geographic location is a gateway between European continent in the west and Asia in the east with an open market that is strong, stable and secure.

Latvia’s experienced and qualified workforce is yet another factor of a particular interest for Indian investors.

“I invited all believers and all Christians to my Cathedral for prayer for moral values in Latvia, and for … “Inside [the] Cathedral, we had more persons than at gay pride.” For that reason, he said, “all of Europride” is planning to descend on Latvia next year, in an attempt to influence not just the tiny Baltic nation, but neighboring Russia – with which it shares close cultural ties – to embrace the homosexual agenda.

But Archbishop Stankevičs says the Western approach to homosexuality is not in the best interest of Latvian society.

Manufacturer Aerones performed the feat this week in a secret "drone-diving" operation in a wild, isolated central region of the Baltic state to which AFP had exclusive access.

Her name is unknown, but he has learned that she is visited by a stranger every night at her home.

Duke is determined to see her again and seduce her, but then he notices Countess Ceprano with her husband among the arrivals.

The former were fascinated by the Indian literature (both ancient and modern), in particular Rabindranath Tagore, whose works were originally re-translated into Latvian from English translations and later from the original.

The linguists studied the Sanskrit language and its relation to Latvian and for some historians this developed into attempts to prove that the original homeland of ancient Latvians was India.

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