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Magelang City is a small city which is located in a fertile agricultural area and one of the most densely populated regions on Central Java. The western border is Progo River and the Eastern Boones Elo River.The city is divided into three districts and several sub-districts.just a tip, try to use Joda Time instead of java,util. HOUR) ); // AM_PM format println( calendar.get(Calendar.Date it is much more powerfull and it has a method to String("") that you can pass the format you want like to String("yyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"); Output: Today is : Fri Nov 02 IST 2012 Today in dd-MM-yyyy format : Today in dd/MM/yy pattern : 02/11/12 Today in dd-MM-yy: HH:mm: SS : 02-11-:316 Today in dd-MM-yy: HH:mm: SSZ : 02-11-:316 0530 //create first Calendar object Calendar calendar = Instance(); calendar.set(Calendar. New activity/unrest was reported for 6 volcanoes between April 5 and 11, 2017.

The smaller Wakamiko caldera was formed during the early Holocene in the NE corner of the Aira caldera, along with several post-caldera cones.The Alert Level remained at 3 (on a 5-level scale).Geological summary: The Aira caldera in the northern half of Kagoshima Bay contains the post-caldera Sakurajima volcano, one of Japan's most active.In those stele, the villages of Mantyasih and Glanggang were mentioned. In Mantyasih stele, it mentioned the name of King Watukura Dyah Balitung, as well as 829 Çaka bulan Çaitra tanggal 11 Paro-Gelap Paringkelan Tungle, Pasaran Umanis hari Senais Sçara atau Sabtu, which means Saturday Legi, 11 April 907.The village Mantyasih was made by the king as tax-free village which was led by a patih (similar to Prime Minister nowadays).

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31.593°N, 130.657°E, Elevation 1117 m JMA reported that an explosion from the Minamidake summit crater (at Aira Caldera’s Sakurajima volcano) at 1004 on 4 April generated an ash plume that rose 1.2 km above the crater rim.

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