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Premier Kathleen Wynne may have received polite applause during an event inside the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls Tuesday.

But outside the building, about 30 people protested against soaring electricity prices under her watch that continue to frustrate families and businesses.

I think that we have people (in government) making unwise decisions for reasons that help them, and they aren’t concerned about how it’s effecting the average person.” Wynne was a keynote speaker during the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce’s Niagara Small Business Leadership Series luncheon.

After her speech, she took questions from a moderator, and then from the audience, one of which dealt with the issue of hydro rates.

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Leanna Villella, a Welland resident who unsuccessfully ran for the Conservatives in past federal elections, organized the demonstration. it’s about being passionate about something,” she said, adding she believes poor decisions by the Wynne government has led to the increased hydro bills residents and businesses are receiving. I live with my son, so I don’t have a high, per se, hydro bill, but it’s all relative,” said Villella.

Villella said she started a Facebook page about a week-and-a-half ago, wanting to hear stories from concerned residents. “What I did notice is it doubled, and almost tripled, in one month, between last month and this month.

The Tribune asked candidates in the Niagara Centre riding why they are running in this election.

Here they are in alphabetical order: Malcolm Allen NDP Age: 62 Occupation: MP for Welland from 2008 to present, electrician by trade.

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