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Not awkward in the sense that when someone goes to give me a handshake I fist-bump their open palm, with a twitch in my eye and immediate sweat pouring out of me because I realized I just done fucked up, but awkward in that I say shit that isn’t socially appropriate. Me being socially stupid doesn’t apply to everything in my life, though.Like yesterday this girl in my class half-apologized in the event that she started to smell because she’d forgotten to put on deodorant that morning, to which I replied, “It’s okay I’ve smelled worse.” I thought it’d be comforting to know that, y’know, you don’t smell as bad as a landfill. For one thing, I’m more or less a pro at knowing how to deal with that weird middle-zone, where you’ve met someone but you don’t know them well enough to just get together and chill on a couch. Because really, I’ve been asked to just come over and “chill.” I don’t know you, for all I know there’s a meat grinder in your kitchen that you plan on pushing me into so you can make human hot dogs, so that shit ain’t gonna fly. Make It Casual You can’t just send a stand-alone text along the lines of “Hey wanna hang out?DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP I AM WARNING YOU DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.IT IS TOTALY DANGEROUS AND DONT LISTEN TO WHAT THE MAKERS OF THE APP TELL YOU...A young woman walked into a Family Dollar store in Cleveland, exhausted, sweaty and desperate.Michelle Knight was 21 years old, and she’d spent the past few hours searching for the location of a crucial meeting.

By the time he pulled up to his house on Seymour Avenue, just a few blocks from where Knight lived, he’d convinced her to take one home for Joey.

She was accused of being into drugs, something she vehemently denies.

Apparently, she invited boys home, breaching the rigid rules of her home as set down by the man her mother married.

This cat, they scream, is hiding the darkest of secrets.

The limited and mildly flirtatious questions Angela asks through her chat function are not, it’s claimed, the result of furby-like artificial intelligence programmed by the app’s well established developers Out Fit7, but the probing of real-life paedophiles.

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