Lil romeo dating chelsie hightower

And while normally we wouldn’t condone indulging on too much ice cream, we ABSOLUTELY condone Romeo putting his ripped abs on display.He must not be eating too much of what he’s serving, because there’s not an ounce of fat on that body!Fun filled trivia, according to her Wiki, Francia did appear in Lil’ Romeo’s music video for his song “My Girlfriend”, back in 2004.

“I’m here to show the people that the Millers [can] dance.” “[When] your dad came home after that, was he like, mortally wounded? “A lot of people don’t know — the only reason he did the show was because I injured my ankle. So it’s just crazy that everybody watches this show, even the police.” The 21-year-old rapper, who was signed to his father’s record label at age 5, used to be known as “Lil Romeo,” but said his bulging muscles prompted him to drop the “Lil.” “When you see these guns, baby ....,” he joked, flexing his biceps. A lot of people don’t know I decided to go to school — I went to USC, played basketball there. You could very well call him quite the Casanova with the laundry list of ladies that he’s been linked to. When Miller stopped by the Hip Hollywood Loft to chat about his show partner Chelsie Hightower, so we decided to play a little game of “Yay or Nay” to determine who he really has hooked up with.Check out the interview above to see who Rome says is the male version of him, the girl he says could have been his boo and the girls he has definitely NOT hooked up with.Music mogul Master P endured painfully low scores on “Dancing With the Stars” in 2006 when he stepped in for his then-injured son, Romeo.Now, Romeo is returning to take his turn on the dance floor for the show’s 12th season and hopes to avenge his family’s “Dancing” legacy!

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“All the girls I used to like are now trying to talk to me.” Additionally, the New Orleans native — who is paired with professional dancer Chelsie Hightower, 21, on the hit ABC series — said rumors of a romance between the young pair have already begun to fly, but denied any sparks between them.

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