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The room was made when the "Emo" subculture was relevant by another user. if someone is buging you press the ignore button :)this is for any single teens lookin for a real relation ship.

No one that regularly visits the room is actually "Emo". THE chat room is for awsome people, so if your awsome then come on in :) all i ask for is for no one to ask any perverted questions that might make the other person fell uncomfortable thanks and have fun p.s.

Many users will probably find chatting immediately more sensible than the rather old-fashioned talk and forum pages that we currently use for discussing the running of the wiki.

However, the chat extension has a major drawback at the present time. Thus, if Time Traveler and Sexybobo — just to choose two random people — use the chat decide that it would be a great idea to colourise all the black and white pictures on the site, there's no record that The Artist Box could find of that discussion. Just because Time Traveler and Sexybobo happen to be in the chat room at the same time on Monday night doesn't mean that The Artist Box might not have a reasonable comment to add to the proceedings, when she drops by the following Saturday.

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