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The truth is that I wonder what is happening to our society of today.

Actually I base in Abuja the FCT, but some times I feel like going out in the night to see what is happening in the town.

In a message to mark the mass kidnapping, Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari said he remained committed to ensuring the abducted schoolgirls were reunited with their families "as soon as practicable".

"We are hopeful that many more will still return," Buhari, who came to power in 2015, said. "Our hearts will leap for joy, as more and more of our daughters return.

I can still recall about a month a go I went some where arount Garki Village in Abuja at about am when some police men where about to arrest some Girls who are hanging around one of the Hotel, wating for a costomer.

I saw some poilcemen arrested a lady who dress in complete nothern dress.

she come out boldly and told me that she is a prostitute.

Nigeria has become a major exporter of women for prostitution.

Ike Ekweremadu deputy president proposed a bill to legalise prostitution.

Before you know it they have already push her inside their Patrol vehicle.

She was shouting I Qoute "Wayyo Allah na na Shiga Uku na Lalace" As I had that I decided to help her.

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It is a goal we remain steadfastly committed to." On April 14, 2014, Boko Haram fighters stormed the government secondary school in the remote town of Chibok, in Borno state, seizing 276 girls who were preparing for end-of-year exams.

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