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At first I was going to put "revisionist history news" as the title for this post, but the more I thought about it, Japan and Germany, those villains of World War II, are cited the most frequently as being the most forgetful and the nations most likely to erase or whitewash their histories.

This is a very seductive discursive proposition, because by focusing on the way other nations wish to hide their shameful violent and inhuman past, it can easily make you righteously oblivious to your own nation's terrifying past.

The comments, released Monday on the prince’s 55th birthday come as Abe’s controversial views on history roil relations with China and South Korea, and cause unease in Washington.

Abe has openly said he wants a more sympathetic telling of the history of the first half of the 20th century, a period marked by brutal expansionism in Asia and warring with China and the West.

Each mistake may seem like it would lead to ridicule or that you'd insult the other person, but from trying this all over the world in many cultures, I've found that pretty much everywhere people will be patient with you.

Led by experts in psychology, cognitive science, and information processing, among other fields, researchers sought to quantify the information flow in the nervous system, the limits of that flow, and how it is affected by emotions.It's long past time to make this official: UR has completed its mission. if the adjective fits the noun at all, anything you paint with it comes out shiny and bright. If you're discovering UR just now and don't feel like wading through a 2007-era Blogger template, some of the more salient pieces are available as Kindle books, here. ISBN-13: 978-0739112014 ISBN-10: 0739112015 Rapid advances in IT that allow complex information to be presented in high volume and density are challenging human ability to absorb and analyze data as never before.Designing technologies and systems to provide optimal sensory information to human users will be increasingly important.

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We've now spent several months with both these phones and understand what it's like living with them and using them day to day.

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