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By learning how to create an environment of love within our own lives, we begin to draw more love from outside sources.Self-love is the key that opens us up to receive the love we’ve been seeking.

The move is being lauded as a victory for the social justice movement in their war against perceived gender discrimination.

But if we trick ourselves into believing that love only exists at our desired destination, we can become caught in an endless cycle of wanting and waiting –all the while denying ourselves the gift of our own love and attention.

This is one of the great ironies in life: until we love ourselves, it’s very difficult to attract the love of another.

President Donald Trump’s business interests are once again a concern as the Deparment of Defense is scoping out rental real estate inside his New York City Trump Tower.

The military agency says that it needs the space to provide support to the President, who says he’ll use his Trump Tower offices on weekends to get a break from the White House.

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In a Guardian report last year, the newspaper described the price disparity as a “surcharge just for being a woman.” A five-pack of Tesco-branded razors cost 1 British pound ($1.23)—twice the cost of men’s razors.

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