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But the idea that someone would cease dating until they lost 15-20 pounds seems a little silly.

Along with dating apps such as Grindr and Cuddlr, 2014 marked a breakthrough year in online dating.

In order to unlock a person's appearance, a user first looks through the profile information and interesting facts about the possible match, and then decide whether to click like or not.

The co- founder of Loveflutter, Daigo Smith told CNBC late last month that Tinder had "shaken up the dating market." But while "looks-based dating is great initially but when you actually start to chat to someone…

(The truth is that women prefer fitter guys just as much, but perhaps they are more willing to “forgive” an overweight guy if he has other redeeming qualities). Should you follow Oprah advice of liking and respecting yourself for who you are and continue to be reluctant to lose weight?

The are two answers to this question – the easy one and the harder one.

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