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Twenty years ago this month a young man’s trajectory to stardom was cut tragically short. and I’m wiped out after a long waitressing shift for the Ahmanson Theater crowd in downtown L. I’m about to turn out the light over the clock radio when my phone rings. His voice is weighted by sadness, urgent with some indecipherable fear. ” “I’ll be right there.” Banging the phone down, I yank on my sweats and grab the glasses I wear when I’m not wearing contact lenses. ” “My dad’s funeral.” On screen is newsreel footage on a VHS tape of his father’s ceremonial funeral in Hong Kong sixteen years earlier. I’m not interested in Bill, who looks a lot like me, blonde, blue-eyed, familiar. To me he’s exotic, fine-boned, hazel-eyed, with dark brows and hair. As the night winds down I’ve given up my Brandon quest. ” He seems to consider the idea for the first time, teasing me a bit.

Legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee’s charismatic son, Brandon Lee, was carving a name of his own in film when he died tragically on the set of the gothic, comic film is Here. I figure it’s my old college roommate calling after anchoring the eleven o’clock news at KSBW Monterey. I jump in my shoe-skate Honda and pull out of my garage in sixty seconds flat. When I arrive I find Brandon in his bedroom huddled under his heavy duvet. I climb into bed next to him, put my arms around him. In the grainy footage Bruce Lee’s corpse rests in an open casket displayed to all in a throng-filled square that’s a paparazzi/media circus. Brandon’s mom, Linda, wearing short brown hair, maintains a stoic expression behind dark sunglasses until she’s led to the casket and sees her husband. I sit at a table despondently finishing my beer when I feel two hands placed on either of my shoulders. “I guess I am.” “Good,” I say with a confidence I wish I had when it came to auditions. On the day Brandon dies I work the lunch shift at a Santa Monica restaurant called Ocean Avenue Seafood. But when I get home around three o’clock there are twenty-three messages on my answering machine.

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To get your copy of this stat report, click on the button below to purchase it.How wonderful it would be, not just to see her pretty photo, but watch her emotions, sexy smile, deep beautiful eyes. You can have a virtual private date any time you both want and as long as you guys wish!The gift is a romantic sign which shows your attitude to your lady.I am so happy I stopped then because I wouldn't be doing what I am doing today'Then I started attending aerobic classes and it became a permanent high.'I then started working out with a personal trainer in groups of four and weights became my best friend.'It made such a great change to my body.In 2001 I started doing bodybuilding contests, and to my surprise I won a majority of them topping it off with the Masters nationals in Pittsburgh in 2003.'Tragically her husband Tom died from ALS three years ago which spurred Peggy to raise ,000 in charity walks.

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