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) I give you my stories with all the luv and all the kiwi a gal can muster. I have this really snazzy post that I've been dying to publish, but alas Blogger is experiencing a case of the Stupids so I can't. Tomorrow Jersey and I shall leave for the great land of Jersey to celebrate Turkey Day with his peeps. ) because I'd rather someone see a quick flash of my hoo hoo rather than touch me for a good four minutes. I plan to boycott any and all technology that requires me to use my brain and typing sensibilities. You'll be so delighted by the post that should have gone. I’m an actress and blogger who lives in Los Angeles. Freud is probably somewhere up in heaven shaking his head at me screaming, "She is the reason I wrote that damn book!I’ve accepted my fate that I have to chase my dreams (and document that ish along the way! You just don't do it unless you want to get hit by the weird little old lady who lives in apartment 8 and talks to her dog like it's her deceased ex husband. When we state anything about adult enjoyable, then the majority of us would immediately relate it with sexes and relationship.At one point it can be real, however that is not the total reality, since you can have a various type of adult enjoyable without getting included into any type of sexual acts.Not that we can learn the complete language, but knowing a few common words and phrase can’t hurt.Knowing the local lingo can help in overcoming the language barrier a little.

In order to satisfy this desire, guys can either attempt all the standard techniques and they can get a gorgeous female partner of they can take the services of escorts in London for this.Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Dating A Hausa Man? I will take a poor Hausa guy over a rich none Hausa guy and by none Hausa, I mean one tribe that we all know. (14025 Views) When A Girl Is Dating A Guy Who Is Not Ready For Marriage / My Experience Dating A Nigerian Police / No Shame In Dating A Hausa Man (1) (2) (3) (4) Relationships With Hausa Men I am not here to talk trashy but ask for genuine reasons and if there are people with knowledge to tell me if there is anything bad in dating a hausa man, or any lady with experience(s) can share them here please. Dating an Hausa man has its pros and cons which depends on ladies going after them. Hey, maybe I am biased but who isn't about people they love? Puneri boys are expert in this and can be great guidance.Adding ‘rao,’ ‘bhari,’ ‘bhau’ to your sentences can go a long way to warm up those rickshaw walas, or vendors.

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