Making new friends is like dating

“You know, I thought it would be a good idea to exchange numbers so that we can have a play date with the girls sometime…” I entered my new best friend, I mean, Bean’s playmate’s mom’s number into my phone with shaking fingers. Now I only hope that in the haze of my excitement I got the number right. Everyone's always talking about the difficulties of single life.Of course, I have a ton of acquaintances and good pals from college and high school, but I'm talking about the sitcom kind of friends I always thought would just appear after moving to a new city with a new job. While everyone's looking for his or her perfect soulmate, I think another struggle needs to be addressed: Why’s it so damn hard to find new best friends in your 20s?Where's my coed group of hot, single pals who spend all day in my apartment talking about life, love and Donald Trump? You spend three-fourths of your time at work, so if you haven't made friends there, you're out of luck.Needless to say, phone numbers were not exchanged, and it was weeks before I saw my future best friend, I mean, Bean’s friend’s mom, again. My husband was unable to attend as it was held during the day, so I invited my Mom to come along. I could tell that my mom didn’t want to butt-in, but also wanted to nudge me towards the other mom by the way that she “subtly” suggested that we sit at the table that said mom’s baby carrier was sitting on. A few minutes into the event, I spotted Bean’s friend. If you ask me, Barney didn't do a good enough job because by my mid-20s, I'm finding it really hard to makes new friends — at least ones that lasted past the third drink.In fact, it’s not so much about making them, but exactly how to go about finding them.

You try and put it out of your mind, but you really liked her! She is the kind of girl you could see being really basic with or telling all of your stories to while you go on adventures together.37. How hard it is to find someone to share your days with, how difficult it is to meet someone normal and how confusing it is to sleep with someone you can't read.While I can't disagree single life is daunting and all around miserable at times, I will point out that there's a struggle far worse out there.But, the same three tricks we all use to “get out there” and meet potential boyfriends also apply to meeting and making friends. Levine, in an interview for , says although you might feel like you are the only person out there who lacks friends, it’s absolutely not true.If you're looking to make friends, being bold is the best approach. Other like-minded people are looking to develop friendships, so being bold alerts others that you are open to a possible friendship.

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Your nightly outings are spent prowling for sex, not platonic conversation.

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