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Emotionally captivating and theatrically breathtaking, everyone's falling for …come and find out why…. The set is actually a working bar, so you’ll not only experience a musical with scads of awards, but you’ll also be able to mosey up on stage and share a pint.

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However, sales of his debut album Strong, which featured original material, were anything but, and the label dropped him.

He continued to tour, basing himself first in Los Angeles and then New York before moving to Copenhagen where he lived with a Danish girlfriend for 10 years.

On the pair's recently released album, "Strict Joy," fans can hear their relationship disintegrating. I'd say a breakup is definitely in it, because that's the truth of the life that we've been living."Emotionally rich with an understated sonic daring, "Strict Joy" expands the Swell Season sound beyond the sparse beauty of the songs of "Once." Selections such as "Low Rising" and "The Rain" once again contrast Hansard's zealous vocals and Irglová's delicate backing harmonies but add in fuller arrangements with light orchestral flourishes."How I felt about the original Swell Season record is that it was beautiful, but it was quite black and white," Hansard said.

Featuring all of the magical songs from the critically-acclaimed film, including the Oscar-winning "Falling Slowly," this achingly beautiful, joyously uplifting show draws you in from the very first note, and never lets go.

There's a logic and satisfaction to fixing things you could never get from songwriting." Hardly a sentiment one might anticipate from a singer-songwriter whose new solo album, Didn't He Ramble, might just be his most personal, and loveliest, yet; but Hansard is nothing if not a plain speaker. "Songs are these weird, ethereal things – like birds that land in the garden you try to coax into the room.

It's all very abstract compared with nuts and bolts.

When Irish singer Glen Hansard and Czech pianist Markéta Irglová fell in love on the big screen in the 2007 hit "Once," audiences swooned over the passionate and fragile acoustic music the couple made together in the film, which mirrored, reflected and fictionalized their lives."To this day, people get confused as to where the lines are," Irglová said.

The soundtrack to "Once" sold 750,000 copies, according to Nielsen Sound Scan, and one of its tunes, "Falling Slowly," went on to win an Academy Award for original song.

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