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Social media channels can help you successfully reach worldwide audiences of all demographics in a highly targeted way, making them the perfect strategic marketing tool.

Here are some essential tips for growing your online dating brands using social media, plus advice on how to monetise your social channels.

Mintel’s consumer data for November 2014, meanwhile, shows that 42% of those aged 18 and over are not married or living with a partner.

This demographic trend has coincided with an explosion of online dating brands seeking to meet different dating needs.

As I mentioned, interest-based social networks are not new.

However, while growth rates for traditional social networks are slowing, we are seeing an emergence of more interest-based social networks. One, it can be simply that Facebook has already won.

On Facebook, we are connected to our friends and family.With those sort of numbers working against them, the most successful online dating sites focus on one key metric: ENGAGEMENT.Without customer activation, new users certainly won’t become paying subscribers and without regularly engagement there’s no way they’ll stay one.According to recent research, creating human-interest videos of a person speaking about their product or service can dramatically increase sales.When you’ve reached a certain amount of views and/or subscribers, you’ll be eligible to become a You Tube Partner.

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This trend is partly driven by a rise in the number of single people within the population.

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