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It would be easy to guess that Ellsworth is only putting on an act and had cost Ambrose the matches on purpose, but I like this better if Ellsworth is being genuine in his attempts to help himself and Ambrose but is such a putz that he routinely fails.I think it actually falls in line with Ellsworth’s character that he is legitimately that incompetent.

Insieme vinsero l'HWA Tag Team Championship il 12 giugno 2007 cotnro Tack e Tarek the Legend, ma il loro regno come campioni fu di breve durata, in quanto persero il titolo quattro giorni dopo contro il GP Code (Andre Heart e Richard Phillips).WWE superstar The Miz explains what his match with Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental championship at No Mercy was like and why he believes he deserves to be champion, how important it is to have a good opponent to work with in the business.()With its 900th episode set for Tuesday, Smack Down enters its 17th year with a new and unexpected identity.It's now broadcast live instead of on a taped delay, which has been the case since the 2016 brand split in July, has received critical praise as it challenges WWE's other flagship show, Raw, for the mantle of WWE's best weekly program.At the core of all this positive momentum has been Mike "The Miz" and Maryse Mizanin, one of two of the WWE's current married superstar couples. But I guarantee if you watch Raw and Smack Down, you're going to watch Smack Down and go, 'I like these guys better.' Why?

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