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The Input Mask Dialog you get after clicking the ellipsis sets both the Mask and the Validating Type properties. I still feel it is a bit buggy that the Reset doesn't reset the Validating Type, while the dialog opened up by the ellipsis in the same property does set it.But I get a Null Reference Exception error, even when the masked text box is deinately not Null.Zip code cannot be missing any of the first five digits (the last four digits are always optional).

I Needed the Masked Value, but also needed send empty string if the user didn't introduced any data in one single step. To Display String so I use the Masked Textbox with: What logic are you trying to accomplish with the if statement?

Since the Validating Type property itself isn't visible in the designer, there doesn't seem to be a way to reset this property using the Designer.

I've also tried going back into the Input Mask dialog box and setting the mask to , only the Mask property itself gets cleared. After using Reset, you have to go into the Input Mask dialog again and click Ok.

This results in the next two lines in the designer generated code; .

Doing that does reset the Mask property itself, but leaves the Validating Type property untouched.

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