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With an area of over 4,000 square miles, it is larger than all of the other main Hawaiian Islands combined.

Truly a destination for everyone, the Big Island is home to eleven of the world’s fourteen ecosystems.

Earlier today cyber criminals began training their attack cannons on Dyn, an Internet infrastructure company that provides critical technology services to some of the Internet’s top destinations.

The attack began creating problems for Internet users reaching an array of sites, including Twitter, Amazon, Tumblr, Reddit, Spotify and Netflix.

Access to most surf spots requires a 4x4 vehicle and/or some helpful local knowledge.

It works on my dads' laptop too, which does have actually have Win 10 Anniversary, so that can't be the problem.

So, any webcam that's attempting to use one of the two forbidden codecs will now hang, freeze, or generally not work.

If a customer has any issues, we offer customer support at Microsoft told Gizmodo.

The problem centers on Microsoft's decision to prevent webcams from using MJPEG- and H264-encoded streams with Microsoft's new Windows Camera Frame Server.

If you're a Windows 10 user who recently installed Microsoft's big Anniversary Update for the operating system, the update has rendered a number of different webcams inoperable.

"Windows 10 continues to have the highest customer satisfaction of any version of Windows.

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Mauna Loa is another active volcano in the same national park and because of the active lava flow this island is still growing in size.

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