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Many buyers pay cash on pickup with larger items — probably partially due to the relative concentration of the New Zealand population in a relatively small number of urban areas.

Trade Me shares many features with other online auction-websites, such as e Bay.

Families would go to a matchmaker and present their young person with their resumes, and ask them to find someone that is compatible in status and earning potential.

Koreans keep precise lineage records and these would be listed on the resume.

Trade Me Ltd also operates several sister websites including Find Someone, Travelbug, Safe Trader and Holiday Houses.

Some of these features include "Buy Now", "Auto bidding" and the Safe Trader escrow service.

Members in New Zealand can become "Address Verified" by confirming their street address, and sellers may choose to block unverified members from bidding.

En effet, beaucoup de personnes nous contactent pour résoudre des erreurs de site internet laissées par des développeurs peu scrupuleux.

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