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This week: On this episode of Sunday Night Safran, you'll meet: Rob Delaney: Twitter celeb and comedian talks us through the car crash that is the US Republican Presidential nominee contest, Olivia Rousset: Film maker who spent a while with Love Makes A Way, the Christian refugee protest groupand Katherine Biber: Criminologist who will tell you some surprising things about evidence used in trials.

This week: This week' John and Father Bob will introduce you to: Sunday Night Safran this week: Aish Ramij, a Tamil woman from India who grew up Hindu but now rejects the religion; Miya Tokumitsu, Writer of 'Do What You Love and Other Lies About Success and Happiness' and reckons doing what you love for work might not be a great idea and Beng Oh, Director of new play that adapts a racist 19th Century novel all about Asian Invasion.

This week: On Sunday Night Safran this week you'll meet the following: Filmmaker Maddie Parry, who spent the last year doing controversial jobs, like being a brothel hostess, Aajsa Kvernmo, someone from Norway's indigenous Sami population and Tom Elliot A UK stand-up comedian who is also an evangelical pastor.

This week: This week's about writing in different forms so you'll meet the following: Abigail Ulman, Author of Hot Little Hands, Oscar Sdchwartz, who has been working on getting computers to write poetry and Sami Shah, Pakistani writer and comedian, who's been threatened by Islamists who' ll talk about reaction to Paris attacks.

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Click on the links to listen to mp3s online, or to download the track to your computer, right click (PC) or CTRL click (MAC) and choose 'Save As' This week: It's the very last Sunday Night Safran ever! As a last treat you'll meet again three of our favourite guests from the past 10 years: After years of lizard conspiracy theories we met Eric Sprague, 'an actual lizardman', Former minister for foreign affairs Alexander Downer and Famed atheist and writer Christopher Hitchens.

This week: Helen Pankhurst, Great-granddaughter of Women's Rights activist Emmeline, Rochelle Siemienowicz, who was brought up a Seventh Day Adventist and a classic chat with 'Weird Al' Yankovic all the way back from 2006.

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