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Community Q&A Have you ever wanted to try to get a girl to like you using nothing more than your smooth MSN talk? You'll need a few tricks up your sleeve -- are you ready?insanelycheerful: This was the email I signed up with, which my best friend chose for me.The computing giant originally announced its plans to move MSN users over to Skype last year, but the service continued to run in China.From 31 October, Chinese users of the programme will also have to revert to Skype.Over the years Microsoft have tried to make improvements with every version they release making MSN messenger an all-in-one communication tool.Along with the different options of emotions, winks, skins, animations, it comes with free PC-to-PC calling, video chat, sms messaging and multiplayer gaming and more.insanelycheerful: Yeah, it was the done thing to have a song lyric – I can’t remember doing it myself, but I remember a boy I had a crush on had the first line of Kanye’s "Homecoming" as his. I went through phases with fonts but changing the colour was definitely a girl-only thing at school.I had no idea what it was but googled it and started a conversation with him by sending him the next line, like, “Yeah, I totally get and enjoy this song too, fellow human. But mainly I used things like High Tower Text or Garamond, before I got obsessed with Penguin Classics and Gill Sans.

But when Microsoft bought Skype for .5bn (£5.1bn) in 2012 Windows Live Messenger lost favour at the business.

Windows Live Messenger previously known as MSN Messenger, was renamed as part of Microsoft's move away from Hotmail, towards the Live online community.

Now the most popular IM app in the world has finally reached version 2009.

In 1999, after acquiring Hotmail, Microsoft launched MSN Messenger.

MSN Messenger is an instant messaging client that allows you to send and receive messages over the MSN Network.

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