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Both Suzukis used a very high grade of laminate and the construction usually shows a high degree of craftmanship.

To some players, the neck shape of their guitars is one reason they seem so playable.

His father was a samurai moonlighter and made shamisens in Nagoya.

Masakichi succeeded his father's craft business that soon failed.

In fact, the city is a spacious, well-planned, urban center that oozes prosperity due to the location of Japan's largest company - Toyota - in the town as well as a substantial number of blue-chip precision-engineering companies driven by Toyota's success.

With "contribution to society" as its major goal, Nagoya University's faculty members are exercising their ingenuity to foster "human resources matching social needs that change with the times" and "those able to play a leading role in a wide range of fields in society." We aim to cultivate talented people who can exercise strong leadership in a rapidly changing world with their great wisdom and reliable knowledge and skills.

While working to further strengthen research and educational abilities, Nagoya University is also making university-wide efforts in internationalization, gender equality, and social contribution.

Other museums worth visiting include the Tokugawa Art Museum which displays treasures and artifacts of the former feudal lords, and the Nagoya City Science Museum which houses one of the world's largest planetariums.

If you seek traditional architecture, Nagoya Castle is a reconstruction of an earlier building dating to the Edo Period which was once home to a branch of the ruling Tokugawa family.

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