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“Lots of use cases come from that motivation,” says Ilya Eckstein, CEO of Robin Labs whose bot platform helps truckers, cabbies, and other drivers find the best route and handle logistics.

“People want to flirt, they want to dream about a subservient girlfriend, or even a sexual slave.

That means they must now suffer the indignities unethical bosses inflict on their human assistants, especially sexual harassment.

As bots do more of our bidding, their algorithms are spending more time parrying flirtations, dodging personal questions, and dealing with darker forms of sexual harassment.

vers, til); il iris a la kirko: he went to (the) church; il venas de Paris a London: he is on his way from Paris to London; la hundo jetis su a la kato: the dog sprang at the cat; del (de la) esto al (ad la) westo: from (the) east to (the) west; de tempo a tempo: from time to time; de un dio a l'altra: from one day to another, from day to day; de la supro a l'infro: from top to bottom; (dative: indirect object) donez a me la bastono: give me the stick; il parolis ad el: he spoke to her. esas simple forirar de ol sen ula sentimental impliko. exp.: Abdikar dicesas precipue pri la reji o suvereni, qui cesas regnar por transmisar la povo a sucedanto, sive naturala, sive selektata; abdikar ne esas simple demisionar, ma demisionar por ulu, do facante ankore ago di suvereneso; IV-100. L’etimologiala senco esas: irar a (sur) la bordo di ulo. — DEFISabsent-a: absent: not present (de); -(ul)o: absentee; -eso: absence; -eskar: to absent oneself, keep out of the way; -a de Paris: a. Ex.: Aparta parolo (en teatro od en vivo); aparta lernado (lernar aparte, t.e. — DEFIRSaplast-ar: (tr.) to crush, squeeze, squash (soft objects); (fig.) to overwhelm, overburnden, oppress; rul- -ilo: (a steam or other) roller (as on streets). — FISaplik-ar: (tr.) to apply, lay on, impose; -ar su: (fig.) to apply oneself (the mind, attention); -o: application: applying; -ajo: thing applied; -ebla: applicable, apposite, suitable. — DEFIRSaplomb-o: (fig.) assurance, self-confidence, self-possession (cf. — DEFIarbor-o: tree; -ala: arboreal; -atra: arborescent; -oza: woody; -aro: clump of t.s.; -izar: to afforest, plant with t.s.; -kultiv-(ad)o: arboriculture; -gluo: bird-lime; -o genealogi-ala: genealogical t.; -stumpo: t. eben- -o: ebony-t.; Kristo-naskala- -o: Christmas t.; ax- -o: (tech.) axle-t., -shaft; movo-, trans-mis- -o: main-, transmission shaft. — EIskrach-ar: (tr.) to scratch, claw, graze, gall; (of ropes) to chafe; (of clothing) to make a rent in; (cf. Def.: Facar sek(et)o en la pelo (od altra surfaco), do vundeto; IV-656. exp.: La ungli di kato skrachas bonege, ma nule exkorias. — Eskrap-ar: (tr.) to scrape (with a tool), scrape off, abrade; (of chimneys) to sweep; to scale off; -uri: scrapings. ne-ebria, temper-ema, -moder-ema); -eso: temperance, sobriety, moderation; -es-ala soci-eto: temperance society; -e: soberly, with sobriety. — DEFIRSsokurs-ar: (tr.) to succo(u)r: to come to the aid of when in danger; -armeo: relief army. On sokursas amiko en batalio; on helpas la povri, falinto. — DEFIRSsorc-ar: (intr.) to practise sorcery, witchcraft; (tr.) to bewitch; (ulu, ulo): (fig.) to charm, enchant; -(ad)o: sorcery, witchcraft; -eso: (state) bewitchment; enchantment; -ilo: charm; -isto: sorcerer: one who is supposed to be in league with evil spirits; (fig.) wizard, conjuror, magician; -ist-ino: witch. Note: Ad is often joined to other prepositions, to verbal roots, adverbs, particularly to add the idea of motion. — EFISabas-ar: (tr.) to lower: let down to a lower level; (fig.) to abase (morally), debase; abasez la tirani: down with the tyrants; abasez la manui: hands off! Ex.: Abasar la kapo, la brakio, la manuo; abasar levero, standardo, espado, fusilo, velo; omno to signifikas pozar (plu) infre. — DEFIRSapert-ar: (tr.) to open, unclose (also fig. sentimento, ke on stacas vertikale, solide sur sua pedi). — De FIRSapog-ar: (tr.) to prop (up), stay, support; to lean, to rest; to base, found, ground (assertions, reasons, etc.) -o: propping, supporting: -ilo, -trabo: prop, stay, support, pillar, strut, stanchion, brace; -arko: (arch.) flying buttress; (fig.) mainstay; shultr- -ar: to press to the shoulder (firearms, etc.); -punto: point of support, fulcrum; dors- -ilo: a support for the back; kap- -ilo: head-support; apogar skalo an la muro: to prop (or set) a ladder against a wall; apogar edifico per apog-arki: to support a building by buttresses; me apogis me an la muro: I leaned against the wall: apogar sua manui sur tablo: to lean one's hands on a table; sur quo vu apogas vua aserti: on what do you base your assertions? color: -kovrar: to cover, roof with s.: -min-eyo: s. — FIardor-ar: (intr.) to be aglow, glowing, hot, fiery (cf. Exp.: Areno esas spaco rondatra od elipsoiorma e klozita, por la ludi e kombati cirklala. — EF skal-o: ladder; scale: instrument of measurement; (math., mus.) scale; -atre: ladder-like; in gradation; -o-grado: round rung (of a ladder); -atre dis-pozar: to arrange in gradations; (milit.) to draw up in echelon; kordo- -o: rope ladder; helpar ulu kom -o: to act as a ladder for someone to mount; -acensar: to climb a ladder; -o aritmetik-ala: arithmetic scale; -o soci-ala: social scale; laborar ye granda -o: to work on a large scale; -o-plako: dial-face (for dials other than those with numbers; cf. — DEFIRSskali-o: shell (as of an oyster, etc.) (cf. — DEFISskol-o: school: a place or establishment where instruction is given, usually elementary; disciples or followers of some teacher or doctrine in art, philosophy, -etc.; -ala: school, academic; -o komuna: common s.; -o di kavalko arto: riding school; -o milit-ala: military academy, school; -o yuro-cienco: law s.; -o di Platon: s. erudito, ciencisto, lern-anto, stipend-iero, dicipulo); -estro: schoolmaster; aplik- -o: technical school or college, polytechnic, trade s.; apliko-skolo di artilrio: artillery s. — FILSabandon-ar: (tr.) to abandon, (wholly) give up, (totally) relinquish, forego, forsake. En la figurala senco, on abasas persono, reduktante lu ad infra rango, kondiciono, e.c.; on abasas su, prenante infra rango, humila posturo, e.c.; IV — 286. with heart, soul, etc.); -(ad)o: (act) opening; -uro: aperture, hole, gap; -e openly, plainly, frankly; (cf. and fig.) to have an appetite for; crave or desire (instinctively); -o: appetite, longing; -ig-iva, -ivo: appetizing, appetizer; -igar: to give or cause an a. Def.: Suportar (o, igar suportar) per lateral od obliqua forco; III-102. — FISapologi-ar: (tr.) to vindicate (in writing or speech); -o: apology: written or spoken discourse to justify a person, a thing; -ala, -atra: apologetical, exculpatory; -arto: apologetics; -isto: apologist. Note: For the translation of apologize in the sense of to beg pardon cf. — DEFIRSapt-a: apt, fit, appropriate, good for, suitable (ad); -eso: aptitude, aptness, qualification; -igar: to make fit or suitable; -a a milito: fit for war (service); -a por nulo: fit for nothing. — ILaqu-o: water, -ala: aquatic; -oza, atra: aqueous, watery; -oz-eso: aquosity; -izar: to water (streets, etc.); -es-pruva: w. brular, kombustar); (fig.) (of passion, zeal) to be ardent, fervent; (of animals) to be in heat, rut; -o: heat; ardor, eagerness; rut; -anta, -oza: fiery, burning, full of ardor, passionate; -igar: to make burn, set on fire, make ardent. Lico esas longa kureyo, generale duopia (por iro e riveno) por kuri o por turniri, II-646. Omna testo juris dicar la verajo, e singlu naracis la evento diverse (E. exp.: Situeso, relate personi, esas generale acidentala, tempala; la stando esas kustumale permananta. shelo); -a pekt-ilo: a tortoise-shell comb; tortugala -o: tortoise s.; -oza: scaly, squamous. — DEFIRSskop-o: that at which one aims; aim, scope, objective, intent(ion), purpose, view, goal, butt, object to attack; -o-plako: target; -o-punto: bull’s eye. (object of action, thought, desire) il elevas su a la richeso e a la honori: he is rising to weather and honors; atencema a la diskurso, attentive to the discourse; surda a la ditreso-krii: deaf to the cries of distress; amo a Deo: love to God; me deziras a vu omna feliceso: I wish you all happiness. Abandonar persono, ofico, posteno, esas sive lasar li, nevolunte o kontrevole, sive violacante ula devo (abandonar infanti, parenti). to make less in height); abasar esas igar decensar ad infra nivelo. Ex.: La Portugalani esis le unesma qui abordis la literi di India. sole e sen docanto); prenar ulu aparte (por parolar a lu specale, exter e for la ceteri). Ex.: Aplastar insekto per la pedo, vit-beri per presilo. audaco); (inst.) plummet, plumb-line; -a: upright, plumb, self-assured, confident; stacar aplombe: to stand upright, plumb. — e FISardez-a, -o: slate; -ea, -atra, -oza: slaty; -a krayono: s. Def.: Deprenar gratante per instrumento ula parti de la surfaco di korpo. Ex.: La homo qua ne exajeras manjante, drinkante, qua esas moderema e su-dominacanta, esas sobra persono. — EFISsoci-o: society (in general) community: any large body of persons or living beings living a community life; -eto: society (formed for a particular object), association; (com.) company, partnership (cf. — EFISsol-a: alone; without company, sole, only (cf. Ex.: On ankore trovas kredo ad sorcado inter la populi savaja. — EFsordid-a, -ega, -acha: (of things) dirty, nasty, foul, soiled, sordid, slovenly, sluttish; (fig. shaminda, pudora); -eso, -ajo: (quality, object) dirtiness, filthiness: dirt, filth; -(ul)o, -acho: a dirty person; -igar: to dirty, soil. Ex.: Sordida aquo, linji, chambro, manui, homo, avareso. (comparison or relation) agreabla a la gusto: agreeable to the taste; ca okupo konvenas ad il: this occupation suits him; (proportion; total) tri raportas a non quale du a sis: three is to nine as two is to six; evaluar lua revenuo a 10.000 franki; taxar ol a 400 franki: to estimate his income as (amounting to) 10,000 francs; to tax it at (at the rate of, a total of) 400 francs. Retretar esas retromarchar: la senco primitiva e propra esas militala; senci figurala e derivta: livar la mondo (religiala retreto), funciono od agado (retreto di oficisto, komercisto, e.c.); II — 647. Lu dormas en aparta chambro (ne en la komuna dormeyo). — DEFISapel-ar: (intr.) to appeal (in law); (fig.) to call for aid or sympathy (ad ulu, pri ulo); facar apelo: to lodge an a.; asignar -o: To give notice of a. Ex.: Me apelas a vu por regulo di ca questiono; apelar pri un judicio o tribunalo ad altra. Def.: Signifikas propre: vertikala pozeso, vertikaleso, e nur metafore: fido en su ipsa, audaco (t.e. pencil; -a tabelo: slate (for writing); -kolor-izar: to cover, with s. — DFIRSsklav-o, -ulo, -ino: slave; -ala, -atra, -ema: slave, slavish, servile; -eso, -atr-eso, -igo, -esko: slavery, servility, servitude, bondage; -esar: to be a s., be in slavery; -igar: to enslave, enthrall (ulu); -isto: partisan of slavery; -ig-isto: slaver. firmo); -ano: member of a (large) society; citizen; -et-ano: member of an association; -ala: social: relating to society; -et-ala: relating to an association; -ema: sociable; -em-eso: sociability, good fellowship; -al-ismo: socialism; -al-ist-a, -ala: socialist. nura, unika, solitara); -eso: solitude; -isto: (mus.) soloist; -o: (mus.) solo. — EFISsorg-ar: (tr.) to care for (by physical acts), take care of, look after (ulu, ulo); to take pains with; -(ad)o: care, attendance; -ema: careful, painstaking, regardful (cf.

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