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In the winning latest from chick litster Graff (LOOKING FOR MR.

Its free to join and members can find dates in the UK, USA, Israel, Europe, South Africa, and Australia.I love using beef tenderloin tip sliced thinly for the best texture and flavor.Instead of the classic sour cream, I use white wine and milk in this recipe for a creamier and more aromatic sauce!GOODFROG), Manhattan publicist Aimee Albert, who is Jewish and whose first love, Sam, died during 9/11, has just split with her goy boyfriend Peter Mc Knight.Desperate for a Jewish husband and children reared in the faith, Aimee, relying on an imagined Jewish male penchant for non-Jewish women (shiksas), loses mega poundage on a "Depression Diet," straightens and dyes her dark hair red, pops in green contacts and becomes a Shiksa Barbie.

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Gentile co-worker Krista Dowd drags the new Aimee to a Jewish mixer, where Krista hooks up with Matt Goldman, a Jewish CPA, and Aimee meets GQ-cute Josh Hirsch, who runs Love Loaves, a lucrative family business, and who only dates shiksas.

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  1. As a girl who’s grown up her whole life speaking English, being with a boy who’s only been speaking English for a few short years of his life is a recipe for miscommunication.