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Distillation trap is connected to condenser with low-sulfur tubing.

Outlet of condenser should be less than 4 mm diameter.

Historians, for example, know that Shakespeare's play Henry V was not written before 1587 because Shakespeare's primary source for writing his play was the second edition of Raphael Holinshed's Chronicles, not published until 1587.The method consists of three basic steps: 1) digestion of the sample in sulfuric acid with a catalyst, which results in conversion of nitrogen to ammonia; 2) distillation of the ammonia into a trapping solution; and 3) quantification of the ammonia by titration with a standard solution.Equipment: Kjeldahl flasks, 500 to 800 m L Kjeldahl digestion unit with fume removal manifold Kjeldahl distillation apparatus - Kjeldahl flask connected to distillation trap by rubber stopper.Relative dating methods are unable to determine the absolute age of an object or event, but can determine the impossibility of a particular event happening before or after another event of which the absolute date is well known.In this relative dating method, Latin terms ante quem and post quem are usually used to indicate both the oldest and the most recent possible moments when an event occurred or an artifact was left in a stratum.

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