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In order to receive State funds for student assistance programs, the governing board of an institution of higher education shall adopt a policy concerning sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking involving a student, both on and off campus. an affirmative consent standard in the determination of whether consent was given by both parties to sexual activity.The existence of a dating relationship between the persons involved, or the fact of past sexual relations between them, should never by itself be assumed to be an indicator of consent. a policy that, in the evaluation of a complaint in a disciplinary process, it shall not be a valid excuse to alleged lack of affirmative consent that the accused believed that the complainant consented to the sexual activity under either of the following circumstances: (1) the accuseds belief in affirmative consent arose from the intoxication or recklessness of the accused; or (2) the accused did not take reasonable steps, in the circumstances known to the accused at the time, to ascertain whether the complainant affirmatively consented. a policy that the standard used in determining whether the elements of the complaint against the accused have been demonstrated is the preponderance of the evidence d.Through sitting on the Governor’s Advisory Council Against Sexual Violence and working closely with policy makers, we set priorities and make meaningful efforts toward healing and justice.You can support NJCASA’s advocacy efforts by contacting your state legislators, testifying on proposed legislation, or telling us what you want legislators to know about sexual assault in New Jersey. Chris Christie on Monday signed a popular proposal into law that limits access to firearms for people under restraining orders or convicted of domestic violence offenses.The governor approved it seven months after the Democratic-controlled Legislature threatened to override his May veto of a similar bill that had broad bipartisan support.

According to NJ Law, sexual assault is defined as any sexual penetration, no matter how slight, without the victim’s consent or with a victim who is unable to consent.

Note: If you are in an emergency situation, call 911. In New Jersey, domestic violence is the actual or threatened physical, sexual, emotional, or economic abuse of an individual by someone with whom they have or have had an intimate relationship.

Abuse in intimate relationships is very common and most often women are the victims, but men can be abused, too.

In total, the programs reach about 8,000 students each year.

To schedule a school program call 973-267-7520 ext. Youth groups: JBWS' No2Dating Abuse program staff reach out to youth groups in the community to promote healthy relationships.

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a policy statement on how the institution will provide appropriate protections for the privacy of individuals involved, including confidentiality; b.

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