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A distinguishing feature of the Stanford NLP Group is our effective combination of sophisticated and deep linguistic modeling and data analysis with innovative probabilistic, machine learning, and deep learning approaches to NLP.Our research has resulted in state-of-the-art technology for robust, broad-coverage natural-language processing in a number of languages.Although NLP is still considered alternative, it’s very powerful in created deep and lasting change at the unconscious level.For example, phobias that more traditional forms of therapy healed in 14 years could be resolved with NLP in 45 minutes or even less.Just simply using positive words rather than negative words allows you to convey the same information without affecting the mood.

Soon enough, hearing the bell was enough to get the dogs salivating. All animals with the intelligence to connect cause and effect are the same (even though in this case, that connection is false).

As a powerful tool of influence, many man have asked how it can be applied to seducing women.

It can be applied in simple ways with limited effect, or it can be used to make a woman desire you completely.

Then, Pavlov started ringing a bell before he fed the dogs.

🙂You won’t be surprised by this: they produced a lot.

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