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The book was allowed under exam conditions, but students had to show invigilators at the entrance that they contained no extra notes.

However, the guilty student was able to use an invisible ink pen to make 24 pages of notes beforehand – and sneakily use a tiny ultraviolet (UV) torch to read them during the exam.

Recently, I wondered: if I could have given my loved ones a little pamphlet called “Knowing Your Law Student” before I began my 1L year, what would it have said? At some point, your law student will enthusiastically tell you about something interesting she’s learned. Law school is remarkably good at putting a bubble around students that convinces them that everyone understand what they’re talking about. There may be a drop in your law student’s ability to tend to the non-law school parts of his life. Should any conflict arise during this time, address it in a calm manner at an appropriate time. It may not be The Paper Chase, but it’s not Sesame Street, either.

The following aspires to be just such a primer, for anyone who has a law student in their life who they love enough to understand better. You may not be able to watch “Law and Order” or “My Cousin Vinnie” again without your law student pointing out the inaccuracies, almost as a reflex. If you aren’t clear on what she’s talking about, just ask – she won’t mind. As much as they enjoy talking about all things legal, law students love talking about everything else, too. During final exams, your law student may feel he’s under a lot of pressure. Quite likely, your law student wants to leave that experience behind – what’s done is done, and it’s time to celebrate (and/or sleep). Your law student may feel disillusioned about something that sounds trivial to you.

Experts say students are becoming increasingly more desperate to achieve high marks because of growing competition between graduates in the job market.

The report, by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator, revealed one law student last year was able to smuggle notes into the exam via a statute book.

From one law student considering dialing 000 when she got trapped underneath a sleeping boyfriend’s arm on the night she had to complete a contracts assignment, to feeling jealous about partners enduring far less demanding degrees, dating while tending to your precious law degree can be absolutely terrifying and exciting at the same time (I think they call that adrenaline or something). Don’t be surprised if you witness countless breakdowns – it’s not odd to come home to your law student partner shaving off the remainder of their hair in the mirror while aggressive music plays them on. No matter how many affirmations you throw their way, a law student will never believe you. When your law student says they are “busy” everyday, they aren’t planning to break up with you through a drawn out process of abandonment – they are legitimately busy. They find it hard to relax – winding down by going for a walk or watching a film together?

She decided to become an attorney and has never looked back since beginning the long journey. Every move you make in law school should be made with an eye towards the job market, and career services can help you navigate through those choices. You can expect for OCS to tell you what you need to do over the course of law school to put yourself in the best position to get a job you want. Law school is not won by living in the library in September. The choices you make now could influence the rest of your career, so make sure you choose something that you can “function” on. One of your first stops on campus should be at your office of career services. Those people are there to help you and asking for help is always easier when preceded by gifts. If it’s a good OCS office, they will immediately tell you how stupid those dreams are and redirect you along more reasonable paths. The bottom of the curve at law school is littered with people who started off strong and then ran out of steam long before the end of the semester. You are in professional school now, you should abuse your substances professionally.The report said: ‘She had annotated a law statute book with invisible UV ink, creating 24 pages of unauthorised notes which she took into her examination.‘She was seen using the notes by other students and the invigilator, who retained the statute book as evidence.’The university then failed the student in all of her modules as a punishment – a judgment she tried unsuccessfully to appeal.The case comes amid mounting evidence of students using ever more bizarre techniques to cheat in exams.

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Sure you can see it, you can hear it, you can even feel the vibration, but you just can’t live it.

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