Nrc updating plant safety requirements

In 1977, ERDA became the United States Department of Energy (DOE).

In a statement, Pilgrim officials said they were pleased with the NRC’s decision.“Our request was based on similar requests across the industry and our ability to show that the current wetwell vents installed . concluded, that the NRC "has not maintained an arms length regulatory posture with the commercial nuclear power industry...[and] has, in some critical areas, abdicated its role as a regulator altogether".The report has greatly benefitted from partial or full proof-reading, editing suggestions and comments by Amory B. I’m grateful to my daughter Nina Schneider who served as an effective all-round verifier. The authors wish to thank in particular Fred & Alice Stanback, Amory B.Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute, Rebecca Harms, the Greens-EFA Group in the European Parliament, Rebecca Bertram, Heinrich Böll Foundation U.

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The three areas the team believes OPPD has appropriately addressed are third-party safety culture assessment, quality assurance, and integrated organizational effectiveness.

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