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The ARI was founded in 1985, three years after Rand’s death, by Leonard Peikoff, her friend and heir.

It runs a newsletter called and, via the Objectivist Academic Center, undergraduate courses in the Randian world vision.

Because of Rand’s juvenile, “I didn’t even want to go to prom ” Leopold and Loeb-esque understanding of guys like Nietzsche, she idolized a serial killer.

One of her heroes was William Hickman, who chopped up a little girl and killed some other people.

In 1450 the ballustrades collapsed under the weight of a crowd of pilgrims. Then in the 17th century Pope Clement IX, bored by the plain bridge, commissioned Gianlorenzo Bernini to decorate it.

Bernini planned ten angels holding the instruments of Christ's passion.

If you try to find out about the legacy of Ayn Rand, your search engine will probably direct you first to aynrand.org, a website run by the Ayn Rand Institute in California.

He studied art in France and ran a computer graphics shop for a while before beginning to paint professionally.

Unfortunately I can't find any images big enough to do justice to his highly complex works, mostly done with ink on paper. This image is, I think, the key to interpreting Sinzogan's ship drawings.

Traditional west African religion included a belief in reincarnation, and this may show the slaves who died across the sea returning to their homelands to be born again.

I love these images, and I am impressed by the approach to slavery's dark history.

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