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The nest is 56 feet off the ground, nine feet long at its longest point, and seven feet wide at its widest point.

It has a total area of 49 feet and is about 5.5 feet high and the eagles began building it in 2013.

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While we hope that all eaglets hatched in this nest will grow up healthy and successfully fledge each season, things like sibling rivalry, predators, and natural disaster can affect this eagle family and may be difficult to watch.

Decorah Weather Forecast Chat The Decorah North chat takes place from 6pm to 8pm Central time.

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well, it’s actually not clear what Zaida Pugh was trying to raise awareness for: Why did I do this video?

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Hours before her son was named the NFL’s MVP, the mother of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton reached out to him, sending the kind of text message only a mother can deliver.

It was inspirational, sweet and filled with down-to-earth reminders with Super Bowl 50 a little over 24 hours away.

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How to Tell Mom and Dad North Apart Decorah North Nest Diagram 2017 Nesting Record About the Decorah North Nest The Decorah North Nest is in an oak tree on private property.

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