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citizen at the Passport and Citizenship Office of the Embassy or at the Consulate b. Military personnel NOT assigned in the Philippines are also required to obtain their authorization from their respective commanding officer. Because of the time involved in processing the petition and the application for an immigrant visa, those individuals living in the Philippines on assignment, either government or private, are advised to initiate the required documentation for their spouse’s and/or step-children’s visas as far in advance of the anticipated rotation date as possible. Once the marriage has taken place, the alien spouse can apply to adjust status to that of legal permanent resident at the INS office nearest to his or her place of residence.

Evidence of Termination of Previous Marriage(s) If the U. citizen has been previously married, evidence of termination of the previous marriage, such as a certified copy of the final decree of divorce or annulment, or a certified copy of the death certificate of the deceased spouse must be submitted. Parents’ Consent or Advice Under Philippine law, the legal age for marriage is 18. The documents necessary for the marriage license are: a. the parental consent or advice, if either party is under age. Philippine law prescribes a ten-day waiting period from the filing of the Application to the issuance of the marriage license. She should bring her passport and a certified true copy of the Marriage contract to the Passport 7 Citizenship Office of the U. The procedure to obtain an immigrant visa for an alien spouse is as follows: 1. citizen who is also a resident of the Philippines may file the petition at the INS office at Room 1036 of the U. When filing the petition, the following documents must be submitted: a. The visa is good for four months from the date issuance. The procedure is similar to the procedure for filing a petition and obtaining an immigrant visa for an alien spouse although, fiance petitions must be filed in the INS office within the U. He or she may also be required to present evidence of the bona fide of the relationship with the fiance. The Philippine fiance will subsequently be provided by the Embassy with instructions on how to proceed with his or her fiance visa application. The children will automatically be included in the petition.

Apply for the marriage license at the Local Civil Registrar from the municipality where either the bride or the groom habitually resides. the birth, baptismal or residency certificate for the Filipino bride or groom, and d. citizen may have her passport ammended to indicate her married name. In almost all cases, the existence of the marital relationship between the U. citizen and the alien makes the alien spouse an intending immigrant to the United States and, by definition, ineligible for a temporary visa. All others MUST file the petition at the INS office in the United States closest to his or her residence. The applicant must obtain a passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, police certificate, affidavit of support, photographs, and medical examination according to specifications provided in the instructions. The petitioner will be asked to submit evidence of his or her U. citizenship and evidence that he or she has met the fiance in person within the last two (2) years. citizen only needs to indicate the names and date of birth of the children in the appropriate block on the petition for alien fiance.

As American consular officers are specially prohibited from certifying that any U. citizen has the capacity to marry, the Philippine government has agreed to accept as substantial compliance with the Philippine law, an Affidavit in Lieu of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage (affidavit). citizens wishing to marry in the Philippines must appear personally before a consular officer, either at the U.

Embassy in Manila, Philippines, states that the requirements for getting married in the Philippines, if you are a U. Citizen, are as follows: Affidavit of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage Philippine law requires a citizen or subject of a foreign country to obtain a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage, issued by the diplomatic or consular offices of his or her country, prior to the issuance of a marriage license in the Philippines. There is a .00 service fee, subject to change, for the notarial service. Proof of Citizenship Examples of sufficient evidence of U. Secure the Affidavit in lieu of Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage from the American Service Branch of the U.

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