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For example, the it *explains* differences or changes over time in artifact frequencies by positing the diffusion of ideas between neighboring cultures or the migration of a people who had different mental templates for artifact styles.')"culture historians were primarily concerned with ordering material in time and across space to create archaeological of artifacts and restricted to a relatively small geographic area and a relatively brief period of time.')"phases.

Had their primary goal been to reconstruct past behavior, their typologies may have been quite different.

In order to make sense out of all this material, archaeologists first sort and classify the artifacts. The purpose of creating a typology is to simplify the variability in the that comes from a defined context, such as a site, feature, or stratum.')"assemblage and help reveal meaningful patterns.

The same artifact may be classified in many different ways depending on the research question you are investigating.

On Sunday I got up to the Mount Hood National Forest and did some hiking, photography, and also some fun UAS practice flights to keep my skills up for the next project. Locations: Oregon's White River Sno Park and the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness near Zig Zag.

As mentioned in the Site Overview, over one million artifacts have been recovered from the Poverty Point site.It was only when I heard how he did his analysis and I looked at the photos he presents, myself, that I decided this blog post was worth it.First off, it’s difficult to know what photographs he used in terms of catalog numbers.Last night / this morning, Richard had open lines calls.I made it through and was on for just about 13.5 minutes.

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Robert, like many in his field of anomaly hunting, does not provide documentation to allow independent analysis, rather he only presents the image in and of itself.

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