P diddy dating nicki minaj

Although the nature of Nicki and Nas’ relationship isn’t crystal clear yet, what is clear is that the dinner was to celebrate a win of some sort as noted by everyone’s congratulatory captions.

Perhaps Netflix’s , which Nas is an executive producer of, has been submitted for an Emmy nomination.

Football touchdown on the Boeing jet You my son, but I'm just not showing yet Wrist icy, but it ain't snowing yet You can tell I'm the illest, cause my dividend is the biggest Bitches ain't sitting with us, all my niggas in Margielas Is pigs flying?

Cash Money, getting six albums,no bitch niggas on a bitch album You niggas apologize when a nigga diss you?

As speculation mounted that Diddy, 46, took his longtime girlfriend's phone over suspicion that she was cheating on him, a source debunked the notion, telling E!

In Nicki’s 2012 video “Right By My Side” featuring Chris Brown, the two shared a sensual on-camera kiss.

The way Nas is pictured comfortably, nuzzled up next to Nicki Minaj during dinner at the New York location of his Sweet Chick restaurant on Tuesday (May 9), fuels speculation that the two are dating.

Nicki posted the pic to her Instagram annotated with the caption, “Only KINGS recognize QUEENS,” before gloating about how great the food at Sweet Chick is. It also appears that the rumored couple are rocking identical medallions around their necks.

It was me, Baby, Jay-Z, and Diddy [Hook: Jeremih and Nicki Minaj] Want some more, want some more Even though a nigga been getting to it, want-want-want some more (Still want some more) Want some more, want some more Every time I end up getting it, want-want-want-want some more When they start talking crazy, that's when I know that they want some more I know that I'm getting it, but fuck it, 'cause I want some more When they start talking crazy that's when I know that they want some more Every time I end up getting it, want-want-want-want some more [Verse 2: Nicki Minaj] Yo, yo, I'm in this bitch, I'm high-saditty I popped a Perc and I said, "Thank you" I'm popping tags everyday, it look like my b-day These bitches suck, so I nickname these bitches "BJ" They want that union, they want that D-Wade I tell a ho, just be happy they getting leeway My name Barbie, bitch - my name Barbie, bitch Alexander made me Queen, I'm pulling up with the King, I'm late to my own party, bitch Want it, I get it, I don't be wanting for nothing I mean, I do what I do and it must be counting for something I don't be jumping from topic to topic, stay in my pocket I got your rent in my pocket, so can I pay you to pop it?

Last night, Diddy’s baby boy held his sweet 16 at M2 Ultra Lounge in NYC and brought Nicki Minaj as his date.

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Semen in your pants" and "And I got a few words for the moms of the young Barbz/Guess who supports a child molester? That’s hella foul/How you spending money to support a pedophile?

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