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When he left that show he was on and did the pre-production for "Dallas," as soon as my show was canceled, the offer came in for me to play the part. Did you feel like you had died and gone to heaven when you got that role? I guess it was a job and I thought maybe I'd never work again after Atlantis was canceled.

We did five episodes of "Dallas" and the five episodes were a gift from heaven, but certainly once they were done, we didn't know if it was going to go to series or not and we were all out looking for work again. " He turned out great, but you don't know that in the beginning.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world for work on shows like Dallas and Man from Atlantis, but for me, an idyllic weekend is one spent with Carlyn, my sons Padraic and Conor (37 and 32) and my grandchildren.

For those less enamored, you know him as an accomplished actor who became a household name back in 1978 when he originated the role of Bobby Ewing on the CBS primetime soap opera "Dallas." He was also Frank Lambert on the ABC sitcom "Step by Step (1991-1998); Stephen Logan on the CBS daytime soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful" (2006-2011) and currently enjoys his role on the sitcom "Welcome to Sweden." Duffy, 65, reprised his role of Bobby Ewing on the new version of "Dallas" in 2012.

One is, how easy or how hard was it for you to get the role of Bobby Ewing?

She has even said that she was not that impressed with me.

She was doing some business in her kitchen at night when that little one-liner that I had on Switch aired. They were not impressed with me, so they decided to do a screen test. They made an artificial body for me because I needed to gain weight and muscle! Then I had about two months plus to work out, gain weight, then get ready for the show. AVC: You seem like you’re underwater for a really long time on that show. There were no computer-generated special effects in 1977 when I did that show.

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